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"I have been going to this place off and on for 10 years, whenever I throw out my back, have knee pain, or when I broke my ankle. My 12 year old daughter has also attended with success. I have come to know many of the amazing staff and each and every one of them have been so helpful, professional, and successful at getting me back on my feet again and more importantly, free of pain. Thank you! Shout out to Ivanka, Kelly, Brian, Brooklyn, and Dasha."

Alice H.

"I appreciate all the measures put in place for our protection during these times. Appointments are being spaced so there are minimal people in the waiting area. I seen the immediate cleaning of all areas being used. The physiotherapists are very informative and they make sure you understand why they are doing what they do to you. I have been a client for various injuries in the past. I have experienced 6 or 7 different therapists and have never had a reason to complain about a negative experience."

Liliana L.

I have been treated at this clinic for couple of sports injuries (shoulder & ankle). The Physiotherapist, Chiropractor (Jide), and Registered Massage Therapist (Tiffany) are very well informed on the latest treatment methods and research. They have worked as a dynamic team to ensure that my treatment/rehabilitation needs are met without compromise. Furthermore, the staff at the front desk have always made every effort to accommodate my hectic and unpredictable schedule. They have demonstrated to me that keeping my appointment is the first step towards a speedy recovery. The same goes for the support staff, they are fantastic! I am almost looking forwards to my next injury, just so I continue to be in such a fun and dynamic environment. However, with the fraction of their knowledge that they share with me, I am confident I won't be re-injured. I am much stronger than when I came in!

Valens N.

Starting with the first phone call it’s been nothing but a pleasant experience. After seeking out Physiotherapy after suffering a car accident; the assessment was thorough, the treatments have been great, and the staff are all fantastic. The team at Sports Medicine have made my recovery process so much better than it could have been.

Haley M.

Professional staff. Very knowledgeable. Accommodating around your schedule for appointments. Listen to your concerns. Provide you with the proper exercise to recover from your injury or surgery. I have enjoyed my well spent time at Sports Medicine. Keep up the good work!

Ron W.

I have been attending Angus Sports Medicine weekly since 2016 due to a motor vehicle accident, which affected my neck, shoulder and upper back. The Physio, Chiro and Massage experts at Angus Sports Medicine have helped me recover to the point where I have been able to work. They are courteous, kind and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to helping people recover from debilitating injuries. I highly recommend them given their obvious expertise in their fields. Thank you so much! Keep up the awesome work! P.S. Many thanks to the front desk staff also for helping me to keep my appts straight!

Jose R.

Sports Medicine has always practiced amazing house keeping and I have always felt safe. Since Covid 19, this facility has stepped up their game and I will continue to use this facility. The staff is amazing and professional!

Shannon F.

I had amazing treatment today from my chiropractor Jide. I came in almost unable to walk from such intense lower back pain and left feeling so good.

Melyssa H.

Friendly atmosphere, professional staff, lots of space and equipment. Lots of services so when I needed chiropractic, I didn't have to find another place. It's nice having such a variety of services at one location!

Big shout out and thank you to Tanay. I originally came in due to a strained neck, however, told him about the pain I have been experiencing on and off again for the past several months in my wrist. He has been the only person to actually listen and not dismiss it. Not only is he experienced, but he takes the time to explain everything to make sure you understand. Also, the receptionists are super friendly and very helpful with insurance!

Katelyn B.

Raphael Soares was AWESOME!! I rolled my ankle on August 6th. By Friday August 14th my foot was cold and looking blue from not using it for a week. I decided to visit Sports Medicine and see Raphie. I am now golfing and playing hockey because of Raphie's exercises and stretches he provided me. I thought for sure I was going to be in rehab for 4-6 weeks. Raphie had me putting weight on my ankle after only a week of treatments. Thanks Raphie!

Matt N.

The staff were very professional and well educated. Highly recommend their services.

Mark C.

Facilities are very clean and adhere to COVID Protocols. Staff are very friendly and very easy and efficient to book appointments. Have had to use Massage therapy for relaxation and treatment of muscle and joint pain, Chiropractic Services for pulled muscles and back pain, and The Physiotherapists for an injured shoulder. I found all treatments extremely helpful as well as the take home advice for self treatment. Overall I highly recommend these services.

Melanie C.

Big shout out to Tanay! I originally came in due to a strained neck. However, I told him about the pain I have been having on and off again for several months with my wrist. He has been the only person to actually listen and not dismiss it. Not only is he experienced, but he takes the time to explain everything to make sure you understand. Also, the receptionists are super friendly and very helpful with insurance!

Katelyn B.

The staff at the rehab centre are always friendly and fabulous. When I first started rehab a couple of months back during covid, I was concerned about germs/cleanliness. I did not have to worry though as the facility and gym are always spotless. (When I see a staff member sanitizing the coat hangers….!!!!!) I love the 1:1 concept of active rehab and am slowly strengthening and seeing positive results. Jimmy McKnight is awesome and, with his encouragements, I always feel inspired to try a little harder in my workout.

Laura K.