Find yourself stuck at a desk all day with a tendency to slouch? “Rounded shoulders” is a term that is used to describe the appearance of shoulders that are positioned further forward than normal. To improve this, try these exercises to help open up your thoracic spine and counteract that forward shoulder posture:

1️⃣ Dowel prayers Cues: Hips back, chest to floor

2️⃣ Seated T-Spine Rotation Cues: Keep lower body still

3️⃣ Quadruped T-Spine Rotation Cues: Push floor away from you, turn chest as far as possible

4️⃣ Wall T-Spine Extension Cues: Hips back, chest to floor

5️⃣ 1/2 Kneeling Foam Roller Wall Shoulder Circles (what a mouthful) Cues: Keep chest facing forward, keep pressure against foam roller

6️⃣ Downward dog Cues: Hips to sky, chest to toes, heels to floor (also gets the hamstrings which can become shortened from prolonged sitting)

Talk to your therapist to find out which exercises are right for you, as part of your rehabilitation program.