💞International Women’s Day💞

⁣⁣“Good women inspire themselves. Great women inspire others”.⁣⁣

Happy International Women’s Day to all the amazing women in our company and our community! ⁣⁣We have several highly respected & professional therapists in our company who treat our female clients. However, we have a few that specialize in women’s health:⁣⁣

🚺Laura Clark, Physiotherapist - pelvic health ⁣(Springwater)
🚺Dr. Jen Hasilo, Chiropractor - prenatal chiropractic care⁣ (Ross St)
🚺Crystale Lamarche, Registered Acupuncturist - infertility, abnormal menses, menopause⁣ (Barrie & Orillia)
🚺Dr. Maisam Hasan, Naturopath - hormone imbalances, stress management. ⁣(Barrie)
🚺Dr. Michelle Laframboise, Sports Chiropractor - high performance female athletes, injury recovery and rehab (Orillia)
🚺Dr. Kaleigh Gawn, Naturopath - hormone imbalances, stress management, mental health (Orillia)
🚺Claire Towns, Registered Dietitian - Sports nutrition for female athletes, metabolic syndrome, weight management (Orillia)

If we can help you in any way, please give us call! Happy Sunday!💗⁣⁣