Having pain? Our Physiotherapist Raphael Soares will be hosting a LIVE INSTAGRAM discussion on “Pain: Self Management Strategies” ‪on Monday, April 6th from 12:00-12:30pm‬. ⁣⁣

Follow us on Instagram at @SportsMedRehab to join in.⁣⁣

So say this is a very challenging time for many people is a huge understatement. In these times, you may have an increased level of anxiety, depression and stress, which in turn can lead to an increased level of pain. ⁣⁣We would like to help YOU with your pain management by offering various coping mechanisms. Raphael will also have a Q & A portion, answering any questions you might have. ⁣⁣We look forward to seeing you on Instagram! Stay healthy and safe!⁣⁣