We miss our clients and our staff! As we look back on the last 12 months, we fondly remember life before Covid-19!

An interesting podcast by Brene Brown called "Unlocking Us" talks about the pandemic, which is a "first pandemic" for many of us. She discussed how we experience "First Times" for many different events in our life. Three key points to remember during this time:

1) Normalize the situation: It's normal to feel scared, overwhelmed, confused, worried, stressed. It's a new situation for most of us and we're coping & adapting as we learn new information.

2) Perspective: Put things into perspective. This will not last forever. Things will get better eventually.

3) Expectations: Reality check your expectations. We're all learning to adjust to new situations, new behaviours, new tasks. We're all learning new ways to do things. So things might take a little longer at first until we learn. Be patient with yourself & with others.

Here are some memories to make you smile and to "normalize" this situation! Stay healthy, stay safe.......until we meet again!