You know that feeling in your heart when you first hold that little baby in your arms? That feeling of being overwhelmed, overjoyed, elated and yet so scared.

So scared because you are now responsible for this little person. This little person who relies on you completely and absolutely. This little person who you would do anything in the world to protect. This little person who makes your heart so full of love that it just overflows. Ya, THAT feeling. Soak it in today & enjoy the journey!

This year, we would like to pay tribute to some of our new FIRST TIME MOMS & "newish" moms at Sports Medicine:

Amanda (Olivia)
Britney (Abby)
Tristin (Tenley)
Ashley (Mackenzie)
Kelly (Emma)
Erika (Elizabeth)
Christine (Finley)
Danielle (Elizabeth)
Christina (Keeley)
Julie (Ryanne)

HAPPY MOTHERíS DAY to all our new moms and all our amazing moms here at Sports Medicine and out there in our community! Have a peaceful and relaxing day!