⁣ďSee clearly. See quickly. Guide precisely.Ē⁣

Thatís what the manufacturers say about this new state-of-the-art Ultrasound system - The NextGen LOGIQ* e R8 Compact Digital Ultrasound Console!⁣

Dr. Nanos is extremely excited to have this valuable tool, to help her provide a higher level of care for her patients. Itís simple. Itís fast. Itís precise! ⁣

BENEFITS of ultrasound:⁣

📌High resolution, crisp images for your soft tissue injuries⁣

📌Greater interaction with and feedback from the patient while performing ultrasound⁣

📌Safe modality with no radiation exposure ⁣

📌Targeted results: increase in accuracy of procedures (e.g. injections like PRP, cortisone)⁣

📌Consistency: patient follow up tool helps ensure technical consistency from exam to exam⁣

⁣To book an appointment, please call our Huronia clinic at ‪705-734-3340‬.⁣ A referral from your family physician is required to see Dr. Nanos.