We’re so excited to announce that Alex Pichler, a Registered Physiotherapist at our Springwater clinic, will be offering PELVIC HEALTH SERVICES! ⁣Alex has recently taken additional courses to gain her certification in pelvic floor physiotherapy, where she can treat a variety of conditions in both males and females. In the upcoming weeks, Alex will be sharing some information on Pelvic Health, in a variety of educational new articles. ⁣

⁣Alex graduated from McMaster and continues to use evidence based practice to best help her patients. In addition to pelvic health, she enjoys treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions for people of varying ages and is constantly looking for different ways to help each individual patient reach their goals. ⁣

⁣FUN FACT: Alex and her family have recently adopted a dog named Murphy, all the way from Texas and have been working hard to make him feel comfortable in his new forever home!⁣

Book an appointment with Alex to start treatment. You can also contact our Springwater Clinic at 705.735.1000⁣ (see Contact page).

Alex’s Pelvic Health Hours:⁣

Tues: 12-2:30pm⁣

Fri: 10-2:00pm⁣