OA Hip and Knee Program
The Osteoarthritic Program: What is it?

Excited to offer an 8-week education & OA active rehabilitation program for people with stiff knees and hips, related to osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritic Educational Sessions
Osteoarthritic Neuromuscular Exercise Sessions

Research shows participants report less pain, reduced use of pain killers, less sick leave and being more physically active. In addition to the program, patients learn strategies to reduce their pain and develop an active lifestyle.

Hip OA Physiotherapy

Knee OA Physiotherapy
Rehabilitation Center Barrie and Angus Osteoarthritis Exercise Example OA Rehabilitation Center Barrie and Angus

Other Services Included to Support This OA Hip and Knee Program:

Manual Therapy, Anti-Inflammatory Education, Nutritional & Supplement Counselling, OA Bracing Education, Weight Loss Programs, Orthopaedic Guided Viscosupplementation.