Work Conditioning

Purpose: Rehabilitation approach to accelerating the process of return to work.

How: Prepares the client for specific physical demands of the job.

Done By: Programs are designed specific to the worker's job requirements including:

  • Strengthening and conditioning of the musculo-skeletal system
  • Strengthening and conditioning of the cardiovascular system
  • Education of proper body mechanics, ergonomics and task-specific strategies to incorporate in the work environment and at home

Commitment: One to two hours per day, three to five times a week, for two to six weeks.

Work Hardening

Purpose: To prepare the client for return to work.

How: By restoring client's physical, behavioural, functional and vocational status.

Done By: Using a team approach to identify physical, psychosocial and vocational barriers for return to work.

Through an individualized client program addressing:

  • Psychosocial and vocational issues
  • Behaviour modification
  • Flexibility, strength and conditioning
  • Job simulation activities as the primary rehabilitation focus
  • Patient's self responsibility in their rehabilitation process

Commitment: Hours similar to work schedule eg. 5 days per week working up to normal 40 hour week, 6-8 weeks is a common program duration

Programs may be paid for by employers, WSIB, Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance but must be pre-approved.
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