Meet our 2 Sport Physiotherapy - Certificate Members!

Ever wonder what a 'Sport Physiotherapist' does? For starters, they are qualified to work with High Performance athletes like Connor McDavid & Mark Scheifele! 🏒We have 2 Sports Physiotherapy - Certificate members. Our Physiotherapist Anik Sarkar (PT, MSc, HBSc) has earned his Sport PT Certification and had the pleasure of working with Connor & Mark at Hockey Night in Simcoe County 2017! Hes also the Trainer for the Orillia Suns 18U Girls Volleyball Team. 🏐Our Physiotherapist, Denyse Beaumont (BSc PT, Hon.BSc, Sport PT Cert.) had an amazing opportunity as the Team Therapist for the Israel men's national indoor lacrosse team. ⚾️A Sport Physiotherapist also has experience with athletic taping, protective equipment, emergency care and developing a plan for a safe return to life & to play. 🏈To quote Anik, A physiotherapist not only aids in recovery but can inspire, motivate and shape a competitive & memorable sports team!🏀HAPPY PHYSIOTHERAPY MONTH! For more information on Sport Physiotherapy, please visit our Service tab on our website.