How amazing is it to CELEBRATE 30 YEARS IN BUSINESS? Just ask Rick Schaly and Tamara Schaly, owners of Sports Medicine, Mind to Muscle, Trainers Choice and Ortho Health.


Last night we surprised them at a company function to celebrate this milestone. From the outside looking in, 30 years might seem so effortless. But it’s the blood, sweat & tears.... it’s the countless hours, the finest attention to detail, the highest standards & the sheer dedication in every facet of this business that have brought Rick & Tamara to where they are today.


For many employees, this is not just a job. It’s a family! They’re here because of these two remarkable individuals and because of the culture they’ve created. You’re only a good leader if people want to follow you...AND WE SURE DO! Lead the way....

❤️ Congrats Rick & Tamara! We’re so proud!