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When you’re injured, it hurts.

Rick Schaly grew up in the village of Thornton. As a small town boy he was active in several sports, and spent lots of time in physiotherapy recovering from his many athletic injuries. These painful experiences had one positive outcome – they made Rick realize that he wanted to pursue a career in sports medicine to help other athletes. Armed with a Sheridan College Athletic Therapy diploma and a passion for treating sports injuries, Rick and his wife Tamara opened the first Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre in 1988.

The couple soon recognized that not only did people require treatment for sports injuries, but there was also a need for treatment of injuries from motor vehicle accidents, work-related accidents and simple slip and falls. Experience had taught them that clients would be best served by a multidisciplinary facility, where a team of professionals worked collaboratively for the benefit of the client. Rick and Tamara worked very hard to offer Physiotherapy and Athletic Therapy services, and pioneered bringing together Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Strength and Conditioning and Nutrition all under one roof. Together, the couple set out to hire compassionate and caring practitioners who would work together to treat clients. Each professional would provide quality and result driven outcomes and have a strong desire to serve their community, much like Rick and Tamara.

Twenty five years later, the family owned business has focused all their energy towards helping people get back to what they love to do, without the pain. Rick and Tamara are passionate about providing quality care that is measured, objective and the very highest standard in health care. With their prestigious certifications through CARF and the CPA Accreditation programs, they know that their staff are committed to excellence, using leading technology and proven treatments, along with the highest bench marked quality assurances in the rehabilitation industry.

Sports Medicine is rebranding to recognize their history, and to signify their on-going commitment to the communities and people who have supported them. Tamara and Rick, along with their staff continue the passionate pursuit of helping people recover from their injuries, as well as preventing injuries from occurring.

Sports Medicine feels keeping people safe and injury free is an important duty and supports this philosophy through community involvement at sporting and charity events, attending every Simcoe County High School football and rugby game, providing work safety seminars, sports seminars, trainer programs, and an education based website.

One thing is for sure; Sports Medicine wants to make a difference in our community.