When you’re injured, it hurts.

Sports Medicine has added a NEW location in Springwater to serve the Midhurst, Snow Valley and Horseshoe Valley communities. The new clinic adds to their central and south locations, along with the Angus regional clinic.

In 2008, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre achieved the highest level of recognition by becoming the first clinic in Ontario to achieve accreditation by both the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

A facility holding these prestigious designations has demonstrated an interest in and commitment to establishing and maintaining high standards of physiotherapy and rehabilitation practice. When an organization is accredited, the public is assured that you are committed to continually improving the quality of your services and your organization's focus is on service outcomes, customer feedback and satisfaction. It demonstrates that you offer a higher degree of internal quality.

Sports Medicine staff is passionate about providing quality care that is measured, objective and the very highest standard in health care. With their prestigious certifications through CARF and the CPA Accreditation programs, they know that their staff is committed to excellence, using leading technology and proven treatments, along with the highest bench marked quality assurances in the rehabilitation industry.

Recently, the Complete Concussion Program was introduced and is now an important community partner that is providing athletes a safe and managed approach to return to play. Our team of physicians, sport physiotherapists and specialist network are working closely with local teams and athletes to guide, educate and treat brain injuries.

Sports Medicine’s NEW location in Springwater includes physiotherapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, sport medicine physician and orthopaedic consultations. Staff continues to provide the passionate pursuit of helping people recover from their injuries, as well as preventing injuries from occurring.

Sports Medicine feels keeping people safe and injury free is an important duty and supports this philosophy through community involvement at sporting and charity events, attending every Simcoe County High School football and rugby game, providing work safety seminars, sports seminars, trainer programs, and an education based social media presence.

One thing is for sure; Sports Medicine wants to make a difference in our community.