Barrie AAA Introduces Concussion Strategy

The Barrie Colt AAA Association has implemented a concussion management strategy that provides education for coaches, trainers and parents. This strategy includes providing a trainers workshop, parent presentation, optional Baseline testing and website concussion care information. Also included is a one hour on-line Sideline Concussion course for coaches and trainers, developed by Complete Concussion Management. The course is designed to equip coaches and trainers with a basic understanding of what a concussion is, how to recognize them, and how to safely manage a concussed athlete back into the classroom and the sporting environment.

Upon completion of the sideline course they will have access to the new Concussion Tracker smartphone application. This provides up to date information on any concussed athletes directly from their primary health practitioner (at Sports Medicine) throughout the recovery process. This provides trainers and coaches with specific academic accommodations and athletic drills that they are either permitted, or not permitted, to do at each stage of their recovery.

Sports Medicine is proud to build this strategy with the Barrie AAA Association to ensure their players have access to world class health care services.