Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy services are provided to clients who are not able to achieve their best pre-accident function on their own. The goal of occupational therapy is to support our clients in achieving their highest possible functional performance in all aspects of their life, including work, self-care and leisure.


Occupational therapy assessments provide practical recommendations for clients to reintegrate themselves effectively into their environment specifically in work tasks, self-care, and personal independence. Emphasis is placed on returning clients to their pre-accident level of function in a safe, cost effective, and expeditious manner. Appropriate equipment needs and /or modifications as identified by an accredited occupational therapist are made to provide maximum independence and safety in a client's work place or home environment.

Assessments can be made both in-home or at the job-site where the various tasks in either setting will be extensively evaluated and analyzed. The purpose of which is to identify the job duties, physical demands of these duties and the type of physical environment in which these duties are to be performed. Also identifying potential risk factors and/or limiting factors preventing the client from a safe and efficient performance.

For more information in occupational therapy please contact Barrie Sports Medicine south end location. Coverage for occupational therapy services can be through your private health WSIB or MVA insurance, however a referral from a physician is usually required.